Luxury Lips

Our luxury lip technique creates a lip tint shading that allows us to create two difference looks offering our clients a tint that will add volume and give a more youthful appearance that lasts 18-24 months.

This leading edge technique helps the lips appear more defined without fillers and can restore colour to lips that have become dull or pale over time.  With our wide selection of neutral pigments as well as coloured pigments, each client is able to customize their look and achieve long lasting, natural looking tinted lips.

Natural Lip Tint |  $450

Full Lip Enhancement  |  $550

Touch up 1-5 months  |  $100

Touch up 6-9 months  |  $150

Touch up 10-18 months  |  $200+

*At 10-18 months, price will vary based on pigment retention


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