Nurse Practitioner

Nicole graduated from the U of M nursing program in 2004 and has worked in cardiovascular surgery, trauma surgery unit, step-down, Central Lines and TPN at Health Sciences Centre here in Winnipeg.

In 2007 she began work as an instructor and has worked in various courses teaching nursing students. In addition, Nicole is often a guest speaker for other nursing courses related to the determinants of health. Nicole blends her community nurse practitioner experiences into theory to help nursing students to understand how upstream and downstream approaches to healthcare work within our the health care system.

In 2015 Nicole furthered her education at Athabasca University and became a Nurse Practitioner . She has been working in a primary care since then, helping clients maintain or achieve their Optimal Health, and mentors physician and nurse practitioner students within the Primary Care setting. She has continued her education to add new skills to her “toolbox”, such as joint aspiration and injections, medical cannabis and cosmetic injectable.  Nicole enjoys working in the community programs within the Winnipeg community to help foster community wellness.

When asked about her career in nursing, Nicole responds with…

“I enjoy that being a Nurse Practitioner is very versatile and I can continue to expand my knowledge base. I am extremely lucky to have had all the experiences that I have and continue to have, related to my nursing career. I enjoy working with clients in the cosmetic/ medical injectable setting, as I am able to utilize my years of medical/ nursing knowledge and artistic abilities to help the client to maintain and achieve their personal health goals”.