OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial

The OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial is an innovative facial treatment with a patented approach that provides 3 actions in one:
  • Exfoliation of dead skin & dirt
  • Oxygenation fo the skin from within the body
  • Infusion of protective, corrective and preventative ingredients.
This treatment stimulates natural skin oxygenation leading to immediately noticeable youthful, rejuvenated skin and a radiant glow.
The OxyGeneo facial triggers natural oxygenation by producing countless CO2 bubbles onto the skin causing what’s known as the BOHR effect.  The CO2 bubbles draw oxygen to the skins surface from within the body, resulting in better cell growth and faster turnover.  When our body sends oxygen to the skin from within, it is far more effective and long-lasting than external oxygenation. Much higher levels of oxygen rich skin means a glowing, youthful complexion that lasts.
 Premium OxyGeneo Treatments
    a) Illuminate – Best in skin brightening – Brightens & unifies skin tone, improves pigmentation, improves skin texture, and reduces fine lines & wrinkles.
    b) Balance – The ultimate skin cleanser –  balances and mattifies oily skin, purifies clogged pores, improves texture, clears toxins and bacteria, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
    c) Revive – For skin rejuvenation – deeply hydrates dry skin, replenishes antioxidants, revitalizes dull skin, improves skin texture and reduces fine lines & wrinkles.
Add On’s
TriPollar – Skin Tightening
Using the most advanced radio frequency (RF) technology in the industry, TriPollar provides an effective, painless, non-invasive skin tightening, face lifting, smoothing of the jawline and neck, tightening of sagging skin, and reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.  Skin is left with an overall fresh, tight and rejuvenated appearance.  It delivers focused and optimal RF energy into the skin.  This focused energy causes the contraction of the targeted collagen fibres, resulting in immediately visible skin tightening.
Ultrasound Infusion
Low-intensity Ultrasound waves stimulate micro-vibrations within the skin to increase its permeability.  The process temporarily opens the spaces between skin cells, resulting in an increased infusion of ingredients applied onto the skin.  This is a great add on treatment for increasing blood circulation that brings more oxygen and nutrients to the skin, improves moisture retention, tightens enlarged pores, and relieves puffiness around the eyes.  This process is painless, soothing and safe for all skin types.